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The Raider Industrial series features high-performance, high-load, long-life machines. They are extremely suitable for workers in the field, both industrial and construction industry. The range of products offered can meet the needs of every consumer, regardless of the scale of the work performed. The Raider Industrial sanders are the ideal tool for high quality machining of a wide variety of materials. Both large and smaller surfaces can be easily machined. Their ergonomic design allows for control and hassle-free operation, even with one hand. The RDI-SA24 model has:
  • A convenient handle for longer operation
  • A dust extraction function that does not allow dusting of the workpiece
  • Engine with high power achieved through an enhanced cooling system
  • Sturdy aluminum baseplate
  • Velcro gripper
  • Compact and lightweight design for excellent handling and maneuverability < / li>
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